Move-Out Walk-Through

1: Schedule Your Move-Out Walk-Through

All tenants must complete a move-out walk-through with a property management representative before leaving. If you know when you will be moving out of the property, please contact us to get a walk-through schedule, otherwise a representative will contact you a month before to schedule.

The move-out walk-through is necessary to check for damages/repairs and required cleaning of the property. Having this scheduled appointment will allow tenants to ask questions and find out what will be done before the security deposit is refunded. 

For the walk-through to be completed, ALL items need to be removed and disposed of. Cleaning also needs to be completed prior to appointment, as keys are collected during walk-through. If the property is not prepared to move-out guideline standards, hiring of the appropriate people, to prepare it for the next occupant, may occur.

RE/MAX Home and Land Property Management Move-Out Guidelines are listed below. Please review the items as you prepare for your walk-through

Move-Out Guidelines

2: Property Keys

All keys to the property need to be returned at time of move-out walk-through. This includes keys given at beginning of lease and any copies made.

If we do not receive all keys back, there will be a $25 charge per key. If a roommate moves out early, they should return key at that point or leave it with a roommate who is staying until the end.

The forwarding address of the tenant receiving the security deposit refund will also need to be provide with the returned keys.

3: Utilities and Premise Expectations

All utilities and tenant required premise expectations must be fulfilled until the last day of the lease, regardless of tenants living at the property. 

Tenants may contact utility companies prior to end of lease to give the last day of responsibility. Tenants may also contact lawn service companies to take care of premises if they move-out before last day of the lease.

For more information please refer to our Move-Out Guidelines or contact us with questions.